SYNOPSIS Encounter:
Korean drama "Boyfriend" about a man who has worked part-time for many years, he has done all kinds of work, after saving money, he decided to go abroad for a year, when traveling he met a woman who seems to have everything and fell in love with her.

Cha Soo-Hyun, played by Song Hye-Kyo is the daughter of a politician. After graduating from college, she married the son of the family who run large companies. Marriage is a marriage that is fun for fathers politicians. After having children, Cha Soo-Hyun was forced to divorce. He is now divorced.
Kim Ji-Hyeok played by Park Bo-Gum is a normal young man. He tried to find a job and work part-time for a while. He continued to fail in landing a regular job at the company where he wanted to work. He decided to take a trip abroad. There, he met Cha Soo-Hyun.
Korean Drama Details Encounter:
Title: Encounter
Title Previous: Boyfriend
Title Other: 남자 친구 / namjachingu
Genre: Drama, Family, Romance
Episodes: 16 (sixteen)
Director: Park Shin-woo
Screenwriter: Yoo Young Ah
Station Channel: tvN
Country: Korea   
Roster Drama Encounter:
Main Cast
Song Hye Gyo as Cha Soo Hyun
Park Geum Bo Kim as Jin Hyuk
People around Soo Hyun
Go Chang Suk as Nam Myung Shik (Soo Hyun's driver / friend)
Jang Seung Jo as Jung Woo Suk (Soo Hyun's ex-husband)
Kwak Sun Young as Jang Mi Jin (Soo Hyun's administrative assistant)
Cha Hwa Yun as Soo Hyun's mother-in -law
Moon Sung Geun as Cha Jong Hyun (Cha Soo Hyun's father)
Nam Ki Ae as Jin Mi Ok (Cha Soo Hyun's mother)
People around Jin Hyuk
Shin Jung Geun as Kim Jang Soo (Jin Hyuk's father)
Baek Ji Woo as Joo Yun Ja (Jin Hyuk's mother)
PO as Kim Jin Myung (Jin Hyuk's younger brother)
Jeon So Nee as Jo Hye In (Jin Hyuk's high school classmate)
Park Jin Joo Eun Jin as axles (Jin Hyuk's colleague at work)
Kim Hye Eun as Kim Sun Joo
Kim Joo Hun Chan as Lee Dae
Lee Si Hoon as Park Han Gil / Park Dae Ri
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Episode 1
360p [Hardsub-Indo] – Zippyshare Mp4upload

Episode  2
360p [Hardsub-Indo] – Zippyshare Mp4upload
Episode 3
360p [Hardsub-Indo] – Zippyshare Mp4upload 

Episode 4
360p [Hardsub-Indo] – Zippyshare  Mp4upload

Episode 5
360p [Hardsub-Indo] – Zippyshare  Mp4upload

Episode 6
360p [Hardsub-Indo] – Zippyshare Mp4upload

Episode 7
360p [Hardsub-Indo] – Zippyshare  Mp4upload

Episode 8
360p [Hardsub-Indo] – Zippyshare  Mp4upload

Episode 9
360p [Hardsub-Indo] –  MP4upload Zippyshare

Episode 10
360p [Hardsub-Indo] – Zippyshare  Mp4upload

Episode 11
360p [Hardsub-Indo] –  Zippyshare   Mp4upload

Episode 12
360p [Hardsub-Indo] –  Zippyshare  Mp4upload

Episode 13
360p [Hardsub-Indo] –  Zippyshare Mp4upload

Episode 14
360p [Hardsub-Indo] –  Zippyshare   Mp4upload

Episode 15
360p [Hardsub-Indo] –  Zippyshare  Mp4upload

 Episode 16 END
360p [Hardsub-Indo] –  Zippyshare |Mp4upload
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