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Because of the mysterious bread, the appearance of beautiful female prosecutors and ugly men has really changed. Prosecutors change from beautiful to ordinary and ugly men turn into handsome men.Because of that change, the prosecutor investigated what happened. He found true love during the process.
Starting from a man named Ko Se-Yeon who is played by Park Bo-Young is a beautiful prosecutor and he's good at his job. He had an accident and died. Because of the mysterious Abyss bread, Ko Se-Yeon was revived, but now he has a different appearance.
Ko Se-Yeon now has the same appearance. The Abyss mysterious bread raises the dead, but they get a different appearance. Their appearance depends on how good their spirit is.
Meanwhile, Cha Min played by Ahn Hyo-Seop is the successor to the cosmetics company. He is smart, humble and has a good heart. He is also not attractive. Cha Min had an accident and died. Because of the mysterious Abyss bread, he came back to life with a different appearance. He now has a handsome appearance.
Ko Se-Yeon started working as a lawyer at a law firm. Cha Min starts working for Ko Se-Yeon at the law firm.
Details about Abyss Drama:
Title: Abyss
Local Title: Eobiseu / μ–΄λΉ„μŠ€
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 16 (sixteen)
Director: Yoo Je Won
Scriptwriter: Moon Soo-Yun
Station Channel: tvN
Displayed on : May 6, 2019, every Monday and Tuesday at 21:30

Abyss Player List Details:

Park Bo-Young plays Ko Se-Yeon
Ahn Hyo-Seop acts as Cha Min
Lee Sung-Jae plays Oh Young-Cheol
Lee Si-Un plays Park Dong-Cheol
Han So-Hee plays Jang Hee-Jin
Kwon Soo-Hyun plays Seo Ji-Wook
Yun Yoo-Sun plays Eom Ae-Ran
Kim Sa-Rang plays Ko Se-Yeon (before death)
An Se-Ha acts as Cha Min (before death)
Lee Cheol-Min plays as -
Park Sung-Yeon acts as -

Download Drama Korea Abyss Subtitle Indonesia

Episode 1
360p [Hardsub-Indo] –  Zippyshare | Mp4upload 

Episode 2
360p [Hardsub-Indo] – Zippyshare | Zippyshare 2 | Mp4upload 

Episode 3
360p [Hardsub-Indo] – Zippyshare | Zippyshare 2 | Mp4upload 
Episode 4
360p [Hardsub-Indo] – Zippyshare | Zippyshare 2  | Mp4upload 
Episode 5
360p [Hardsub-Indo] – Zippyshare | Zippyshare 2 | Mp4upload

Episode 6
360p [Hardsub-Indo] – Zippyshare | Zippyshare 2 | Mp4upload

Episode 7
360p [Hardsub-Indo] – Zippyshare | Zippyshare 2 | Mp4upload

Episode 8
360p [Hardsub-Indo] – Zippyshare | Zippyshare 2 | Openload | Mp4upload

Episode 9
360p [Hardsub-Indo] – Zippyshare | Zippyshare 2 | Openload | Mp4upload

Episode 10
360p [Hardsub-Indo] – Zippyshare | Zippyshare 2 | Openload | Mp4upload

Episode 11
360p [Hardsub-Indo] – Zippyshare | Zippyshare 2 | Openload | Mp4upload

Episode 12
360p [Hardsub-Indo] – Zippyshare | Zippyshare 2 | Openload | Mp4upload

Episode 13
360p (HARDSUBS INDO): Zippyshare | Zippyshare 2

Episode 14
360p (HARDSUBS INDO): Zippyshare | Openload | Zippyshare 2

Episode 15
360p (HARDSUBS INDO) (110 MB): MP4upload Zippyshare 
540p (RAW/TANPA SUB):  Openload  Zippyshare 
Subtitle Indonesia | Subtitle English

Episode 16 END
360p [Hardsub-Indo] – Zippyshare | Zippyshare 2 | Openload | Mp4upload | Google Drive
540p (RAW/TANPA SUB): MirrorAce | Tusfiles | Openload | UppIT | MEGA | Zippyshare | SolidFiles | Google Drive | Mirror
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